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Shenzhen Konst Electronic Technology Co., Ltd, founded in Shenzhen, China , Specializes in research,development and manufacturing of wireless RF Moules, as well as Intelligent Electronic switches and Intelligent remote controls for lights and fans and the home appliance,Alarm System Accessories. We have customers worldwide including many well-known brand-name home appliance manufacturers. Our products save energy and enhance comfort and convenience in millions of homes around the globe.

In the past many years, we have developed extensive technologies and know-how in wireless remote control. We have a strong team of talented engineers who are capable of electrical design,mechanical design, industrial design, optical design, sub-system design, and other design expertise essential to new product development.

Currently, we have 6 production assembly lines as well as a full set of advanced manufacturing and testing equipment. All operations of the company, including design,manufacturing, procurement and customer service are governed by strict quality assurance system. With many years of successful experience working with international customers in many different countries,well-proven capabilities in design, manufacturing and supply chain management as well as in-house state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, we are well positioned to be your high quality and reliable OEM/ODM supplier.

Our technical advantage and Servise: RF, wifi, Bluetooth, NB-LOT, 4G, ZIGBEE, infrared induction, microwave induction, voice control and other wireless communication technology solutions to provide customers with hardware circuit design, microcontroller development, PCBA manufacturing services for intelligent product upgrading.




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