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How to match the remote control for your device?

How to match the remote control for your device?

How to choose the remote control for for your device?

  1. Wireless remote control,
  2. Woring freqency:(315MHz/433MHz,other)and the IC for the transmitter
  3. Feature:the transmitter distance
  4. From 50m to 1000m :
  5. Metal remote control: About 100m
  6. Small plastic remote control : about 150m-200m
  7. High power remote control with plastic cover :1500m
  8. Battery:27A/23ABattery,Current:8mA

IC Model:

  1. Fixed code:it's named codes remote control or Welding codes remote control,the transmitter ic :PT,SC,HS,LX (2260/2262/2264),The paired receive chip: PT,SC,LX,HS(2270/2272/2294).you need distinguish the oscillation resistance of the transmitter and receiver for the fixed code.
  2. Learning code:EV,HS,LX。SC (1527/2240),HCS101 etc.PIC16F630,PIC16F505,PIC16F629 etc.
  3. Rolling code:HCS301/200/201 etc.

In a word:

  1. Same working frequency,Same IC,Same oscillation resistance,
  2. fixed code to match fixed code,Learning code lto match Learning code,Rolling code to match Rolling code.
  3. the Pin Assignment



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