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How to match the remote control for your device?

How to match the switch.html target='_blank'>remote control for your device?

How to choose the remote control for for your device?

  1. Wireless remote control,
  2. Woring freqency:(315MHz/433MHz,other)and the IC for the transmitter
  3. Feature:the transmitter distance
  4. From 50m to 1000m :
  5. Metal remote control: About 100m
  6. Small plastic remote control : about 150m-200m
  7. High power remote control with plastic cover :1500m
  8. Battery:27A/23ABattery,Current:8mA

IC Model:

  1. Fixed code:it's named codes remote control or Welding codes remote control,the transmitter ic :PT,SC,HS,LX (2260/2262/2264),The paired receive chip: PT,SC,LX,HS(2270/2272/2294).you need distinguish the oscillation resistance of the transmitter and receiver for the fixed code.
  2. Learning code:EV,HS,LX。SC (1527/2240),HCS101 etc.PIC16F630,PIC16F505,PIC16F629 etc.
  3. Rolling code:HCS301/200/201 etc.

In a word:

  1. Same working frequency,Same IC,Same oscillation resistance,
  2. fixed code to match fixed code,Learning code lto match Learning code,Rolling code to match Rolling code.
  3. the Pin Assignment



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